The company's products craftsmanship, originality, can provide you with superior product quality, the company produces precision spindle, completely made in Taiwan, but not others!
You can purchase our products through our company.

 The following is the list of qualified agents for Kenturn Nano. Tec Ltd. in 2024. If any other company claims to be a qualified agent or sole agent, please contact Kenturn for verification as soon as possible to ensure protection of consumer rights.

地區 公司名稱 連絡資訊
健椿工業股份有限公司 電話:+886-4-7910271
上海洛閣精密機械有限公司 电   话:021-34670336
手   机:13917923377
传   真:021-34670339
地   址:上海市闵行区莘庄工业區元江路5000號A-1幢
郵   箱
上海勁湛精密機械有限公司 电   话:021-57645058
手   机:13917908222
传   真:021-57745251
地   址:上海市松江区南乐路8号1栋102
郵   箱
深圳市隆凯精密机械有限公司 电   话:755-89998077
手   机:15989681777
传   真:755-89998177
地   址:广东省深圳市坪山新区坑梓协成路 17 号
郵   箱
SECON TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS INC,  Add:# 3 rd Floor, Sri Bhagavati Complex, HMT Main Road,
Gokula 1 st stage, 2 nd phase, Bangalore - 560054. Karnataka INDIA.
Tel:+ 91 80 23575752.

Kenturn Nano. Tec. Co., Ltd.

Tel : 886 - 4 - 791 0271
Fax : 886 - 4 - 791 0272
Address :No. 16, East 7 Rd., Jhang Bin Industrial Park, Jhanghua, Taiwan
E-Mail :