Over 35 years experience

High Speed Precision Spindles、High Frequency Motor Spindles、Machine Tool Spindles、Specialized Machinery Spindles

The stability of the management team and major R&D personnel is high, and the design and production experience can be passed down. A number of senior R&D personnel have deep academic and practical experience, constantly delving into innovative technologies and actively improving the strength of the company's design team.


Exported to over 50 countries

R&D, Design and Development of Spindles、Turnkey Plan、Problem Analysis and Diagnostic、Spindles Maintenance

The KENTURN brand is sold all over the world and has a high level of customer recognition. The products are widely used in aerospace, automotive, locomotive, biotechnology, woodworking machines, shipbuilding, medical equipment, electronic semiconductor manufacturing, and IT industries.


90% grinding process made inside factory

Spindle parts have a high self-made rate, which facilitates the improvement of product accuracy, increases production flexibility, and controls production costs effectively.


Over 2400 set spindle capacity per month

Strengthen the manufacturing and assembly technology of built-in motor spindles to meet the requirements for high-speed assembly of spindles, and meet the production capacity of “automation” and “quantitative”, and continuous increase in high-end precision equipment to provide the highest quality products.

Over 4000 kinds of spindle were made

Provide a small amount of diverse and customized design and production services. In response to customer demand, we can create tailor-made precision spindles for customers and establish long-term cooperation relationships.

Headquarter over 50000 m2

Two production plants cover an area of more than 5 hectares. The first plant is a precision spindle assembly manufacturing plant. The second plant is a precision spindle component processing and production and precision cutting tools production base.