Have a Pleasant Dragon Boat Festival

Rice dumplings are like seeds, a continuation of life. The Dragon Boat Festival is not just a traditional holiday; the process of making rice dumplings is also filled with the breath of life. From selecting glutinous rice, soaking, and seasoning, to wrapping and steaming, every step is infused with the effort and wisdom of the maker. Each rice dumpling symbolizes the prosperity and happiness of the family, just like seeds taking root and growing into towering trees. Our lives are the same, from birth and growth to marriage and childbirth. Every stage is like the process of making rice dumplings, filled with anticipation and hope.

Happy Mothers Day

In this world, there is a most touching love, and that's maternal love!
Mothers, always guiding us to strive for better since childhood!
Mothers, always nurturing us to grow up healthy!
Mothers, always helping us when we encounter difficulties!
Like KENTURN, continuously upholding the spirit of 'striving for excellence, stable growth, and providing the best solutions for customers'!
Learning from the greatness of maternal love, leading all the employees of the company to contribute to society!
Salute to all the mothers in the world.
Happy Mother's Day!

KENTURN exemplary employees 2024

KENTURN has just recognized its exemplary employees! The awards were presented by the chairman to the selected model workers. We extend our gratitude to these dedicated colleagues who consistently demonstrate professionalism and commitment in their roles. This recognition event serves as a positive encouragement and affirmation for their outstanding performance.

In the ever-evolving global landscape, we must maintain a positive and proactive attitude to face challenges and overcome obstacles. By continuously striving for excellence and steady growth, we aim to contribute to the precision manufacturing industry worldwide and provide our global KENTURN customers with exceptional experiences. Thank you to all our colleagues for their dedication and contributions. Let’s continue moving forward together!

fire safety seminar 2024

KENTURN Industrial regularly hosts various lectures, and for our recent fire safety seminar, we invited professionals from the Xianxi Fire Brigade. They provided valuable insights into fire rescue and earthquake survival basics. Participants learned how to correctly use fire extinguishers, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), operate automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and follow proper emergency reporting and evacuation procedures.
We extend our sincere gratitude to the Xianxi Fire Brigade for their expert guidance and knowledge sharing. Remembering essential fire safety practices and disaster preparedness concepts is crucial for enhancing our ability to respond effectively to emergencies and ensuring the safety of ourselves and others.