KENTURN is a leading precision spindle company for more than 40 years producing a wide range of high quality products.

As one of the foremost spindle company providers in the country, we specialize in manufacturing precision spindles. Our spindles are designed to offer users precision with every rotation. As a precision spindle company, we understand the importance of accuracy in spindle design and manufacture, and seek to offer customers the best quality spindles available. Our spindles are manufactured using precise standards and techniques to ensure optimal performance and longevity. All of our precision spindles are rigorously tested for quality before entering the market to ensure that customers receive the precise spindle they need. We also offer a variety of spindle repair and installation services, ensuring that customers get the best results from their precision spindle. By offering high-quality precision spindles and repair services, we have established ourselves as a reliable spindle company. With our commitment to delivering superior spindle solutions, we are confident that our precision spindles will help customers achieve the accurate and reliable results they need.

The precision spindle is a core component of various machine tools, as it provides high accuracy and repeatability. The main role of the spindle is to hold and rotate a tool bit, so that the tool bit can move along the desired path. As such, the precision spindle is an essential element in the manufacture of components with high accuracy. To ensure the production of high-precision parts, the spindle must provide a highly accurate rotation of the tool bit. The errors involved in the spindle must be controlled and monitored. In the past, designing a precision spindle with high accuracy was very difficult, as the influence of various external disturbances had to be taken into account. With modern technologies and methods, the precision spindles can now provide high precision and repeatability. To achieve this, the spindle is constructed with high-precision components and excellent vibration damping characteristics. Furthermore, the bearing supports of the spindle must be designed to reduce vibration, thermal variations and other external disturbances on the spindle. In order to manufacture components with high accuracy, the precision spindle requires regular maintenance and calibration. This is necessary to ensure that the rotational accuracy and repeatability of the spindle remain excellent and that the spindle is capable of providing the desired performance. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the precision spindle and to take the necessary steps to ensure that its performance meets the required specifications.