End Mills-Asymmetric Helix Angle (40°/42°) - Unequalled

KENTURN is a professional milling tools supplier focusing on design, development and production. Such as helix angle end mill.

As a leading milling tools supplier, we offer a premium range of helix angle end mills for our customers. Our helix angle end mill is designed for cutting and slotting operations in varied materials such as aluminum, plastic, etc. and has a cutting lip angle of 30 degree helix. The body is designed with a reinforced core and heat treatment that ensures long tool life and excellent chip removal. The tool is manufactured from high-grade alloy steel, which ensures increased durability and reliability during use. We also provide helix angle end mills in varied sizes and geometries for different applications. In addition, our sophisticated production line ensures precise and standardized tool geometry for efficient cutting, hence increasing productivity. As a top-notch milling tools supplier, we offer a wide range of helix angle end mills, which are perfect for all cutting applications. We have an experienced team of professionals who are committed to deliver the best in terms of quality, efficiency and cost. So, if you’re looking for the finest helix angle end mill for your applications, then look no further than us. We assure our customers satisfaction at every stage of their purchase.