3 Flutes Square End mills 45°-For Aluminum

WORK MATERIAL:Aluminum,Copper alloy

Mode Diameter Flute Length Flutes Shank Diameter Full Length Helix Angle
HB3CAA04012 4 12 3 4 50 45°
HB3CBA06018 6 18 3 6 50 45°
HB3CCB08024 8 24 3 8 60 45°
HB3CDC10030 10 30 3 10 75 45°
HB3CEC12032 12 32 3 12 75 45°
HB3CGD16045 16 45 3 16 100 45°
HB3CHD20045 20 45 3 20 100 45°

Introducing our high-performance Square End Mills designed specifically for aluminum and copper alloy machining applications. These cutting-edge tools are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance and precision when working with aluminum and copper alloys.

Our Square End Mills feature specialized geometries and coatings that are optimized for efficient chip evacuation, reduced cutting forces, and enhanced surface finishes. This ensures smooth and accurate machining while minimizing the risk of chip buildup and tool wear. With their sharp cutting edges and robust construction, these end mills are built to withstand the demands of high-speed machining in aluminum and copper alloy materials.

Whether you're milling intricate parts, creating profiles, or performing contouring operations, our Square End Mills for Aluminum offer the versatility and reliability you need to achieve excellent results. Trust in their superior cutting performance and long tool life to boost your productivity and maximize your machining efficiency.

Choose our Square End Mills for Aluminum and experience the precision, quality, and durability that our tools are renowned for. Take your aluminum and copper alloy machining to the next level with our exceptional end mills.