3 Flutes Square End mills 45°-For Aluminum 

WORK MATERIAL:Aluminum,Copper alloy

Mode Diameter Flute Length Flutes Shank Diameter Full Length Helix Angle
HB3CAA04012 4 12 3 4 50 45°
HB3CBA06018 6 18 3 6 50 45°
HB3CCB08024 8 24 3 8 60 45°
HB3CDC10030 10 30 3 10 75 45°
HB3CEC12032 12 32 3 12 75 45°
HB3CGD16045 16 45 3 16 100 45°
HB3CHD20045 20 45 3 20 100 45°

Introducing our high-performance Square End Mills specifically designed for aluminum and copper alloy machining.

Our Square End Mills are engineered to provide exceptional cutting performance and precision when working with aluminum and copper alloys. With their unique geometries and specialized coatings, these end mills are optimized to deliver superior surface finishes and extended tool life, ensuring efficient and cost-effective machining processes.

The square end design of these mills allows for precise and accurate contouring, slotting, and profiling operations in aluminum and copper alloys. The sharp cutting edges and high rigidity of the mills ensure smooth chip evacuation and reduced vibration, resulting in enhanced dimensional accuracy and reduced scrap rates.

To further enhance productivity and versatility, our Square End Mills for aluminum and copper alloys are available in various sizes and flute configurations. This allows for optimal tool selection based on your specific machining requirements, providing flexibility and efficiency in a wide range of applications.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the materials and manufacturing processes we employ. Each Square End Mill is crafted from high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure consistency and performance. The advanced coatings applied to the mills provide excellent heat resistance and wear resistance, prolonging tool life and reducing the need for frequent tool changes.

Experience the precision and efficiency of our Square End Mills for aluminum and copper alloys. Trust in our cutting-edge technology and expertise to optimize your machining operations, increase productivity, and achieve exceptional results in the aluminum and copper alloy machining industry.