IMTEX 2023

27th January 2022


Dear Exhibitor,

IMTEX FORMING 2022 & Tooltech 2022

16 - 21, June 2022, Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru

We hope you are doing well and keeping good health.

After assessing the current scenario of COVID in India and taking cognizance of the opinion from healthcare experts, we believe things would stabilize by early March 2022.  This gives us the confidence to not only hold our machine tool exhibitions safely but also help exhibitors and user segments to plan well, leading to maximum participation for high quality business outcomes.

We now propose to hold IMTEX FORMING 2022 and Tooltech 2022 along with Digital Manufacturing 2022 from 16 - 21, June, 2022 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).

Earlier, in January 2022, we had decided to hold IMTEX and IMTEX FORMING together.  However, we would now focus on only metal forming show in June 2022 and schedule metal cutting show IMTEX in January 2023.  We shall send a separate communication along with guidelines and application form for participating in IMTEX 2023 at the earliest.

The decision would enable us to specially focus on metal forming technologies in June 2022 while spotlight will be on metal cutting technologies in January 2023. The measure would also enable us to move back to our original calendar of holding metal cutting and metal forming shows in odd and even years respectively.

The calendar of IMTEX and IMTEX FORMING is appended herewith for your planning and participation.



Show Date


IMTEX FORMING 2022 & Tooltech 2022

16th – 21st June 2022


IMTEX 2023 & Tooltech 2023

19th – 25th January 2023


IMTEX FORMING 2024 & Tooltech 2024

18th – 23rd January 2024


IMTEX 2025 & Tooltech 2025

23rd – 29th January 2025


Needless to say, concurrent shows, Tooltech showcasing cutting tools, sub-systems and accessories, CAD/ CAM, etc and Digital Manufacturing will feature additive manufacturing and evolutionary Industry 4.0 concepts will be held along with IMTEX and IMTEX FORMING.

All other safety precautions which were laid out to hold a safe exhibition will remain same while we organise the shows in June 2022.

We look forward to your continued patronage and participation in the above shows as per the calendar.

With best regards,






  1. Anbu

Director General & CEO