AR_Kenturn Spindles

Kenturn provides all types of high-precision spindles.
Not only can the customers find a suitable spindle for their processing needs from our product
selection. Kenturn also provide customized spindles according to users' requirements. Our CNC
machining center spindles have high rotating speed, low vibration advantage, improving the
processing efficiency.
The MVB1430A uses the dual-contact tooling system. The CTS function can increase cooling

efficiency and decreases thermal deformation. Along with the oil-air lubricating bearings for long-
term cutting operations. The motor power of the spindle is up to 18.5KW, while speed reaches 30000

RPM with Fanuc motor. Different motor brand is also available. It also has a built-in temperature
sensor and performed hole for accelerometer, which can be combined with the software to monitor
the status of the spindle.