3 Flutes Heavy Duty Operation Square End Mills-For Aluminum

WORK MATERIAL:Aluminum,Copper alloy

Mode Diameter Flute Length Flutes Shank Diameter Full Length Helix Angle
HBH3CAA04012 4 12 3 4 50 50°
HBH3CBA06018 6 18 3 6 50 50°
HBH3CCB08024 8 24 3 8 60 50°
HBH3CDC10030 10 30 3 10 75 50°
HBH3CEC12032 12 32 3 12 75 50°

Introducing our Heavy Duty Operation Square End Mills designed specifically for machining aluminum and copper alloy materials. These robust and reliable tools are engineered to withstand the demanding requirements of heavy-duty machining operations in these materials.

Our Heavy Duty Operation Square End Mills feature a specially designed geometry and cutting edge profile that allows for efficient chip evacuation and reduced cutting forces, resulting in improved productivity and extended tool life. The unique design also helps to prevent built-up edge and surface roughness, ensuring high-quality finishes on your machined parts.

With their exceptional strength and durability, these end mills are capable of tackling tough materials and aggressive cutting conditions. They are ideal for applications such as roughing, slotting, and profiling in aluminum and copper alloy workpieces.

Experience the power and performance of our Heavy Duty Operation Square End Mills for Aluminum. Achieve superior machining results, increased productivity, and reduced downtime with these reliable tools. Trust in their capability to handle heavy-duty machining operations and deliver outstanding performance in aluminum and copper alloy applications.