4 Flutes Square End Mills-For Stainless Steels

WORK MATERIAL:Stainless Steels,Cast Irons,Alloy Steels,Tool Steels, Hardened Steels,Prehardened Steels

Mode Diameter Flute Length Flutes Shank Diameter Full Length Helix Angle
EA4CAA04010S 4 10 4 4 50 35°
EA4CBA06015S 6 15 4 6 50 35°
EA4CCB08020S 8 20 4 8 60 35°
EA4CDC10025S 10 25 4 10 75 35°
EA4CEC12030S 12 30 4 12 75 35°
EA4CGD16040S 16 40 4 16 100 35°
EA4CHD20045S 20 45 4 20 100 35°

Introducing our Square End Mills designed specifically for machining stainless steels, as well as a wide range of other materials including cast irons, alloy steels, tool steels, hardened steels, and prehardened steels. These versatile and high-performance tools are engineered to deliver exceptional results in demanding machining applications.

Our Square End Mills for Stainless Steels feature a specialized geometry and cutting edge design that ensures efficient chip evacuation and reduces cutting forces, resulting in improved tool life and enhanced productivity. The advanced coating technology provides excellent wear resistance and heat dissipation, allowing for extended tool life even in high-temperature machining operations.

With their precise cutting capabilities and exceptional performance, these end mills are ideal for various applications such as contouring, slotting, and roughing in stainless steel components. They offer superior surface finish and dimensional accuracy, helping you achieve the desired results with ease.

Experience the reliability and efficiency of our Square End Mills for Stainless Steels. Whether you're working with stainless steels or other challenging materials, these tools are designed to meet your machining needs and deliver outstanding performance. Trust in their durability, precision, and versatility to drive your productivity and success in stainless steel machining applications and beyond.