CNC External Grinding Spindles

As a leading CNC external precision grinding spindles manufacturer, KENTURN has been involved in the industrial field of products for more than 40 years.

Precision grinding spindles are critical components of a grinding system, and are typically used to drive the grinding wheel by transmitting the power and motion between the machine’s motor and the grinding wheel. They can be both air- or liquid-cooled, and come in many different configurations capable of accommodating a variety of workpiece and grinding requirements. Precision grinding spindles are designed to achieve the highest precision and accuracy, even under the most demanding conditions. This requires advanced engineering and a wide range of operating speeds, thus enabling the grinding spindle to be finely tuned for the job at hand. Key considerations influence spindle selection, including proper motor size, max speed, and bearing life. Constructed with rigid design standards, precision grinding spindles guarantee excellent wobble-free performance, with superior precision grinding applications. The use of precision grinding spindles has been crucial to the success of many grinding applications, providing the ability to grind with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. Investing in a premium-quality precision grinding spindle can help generate superior quality products with minimal downtime.