CNC Internal Grinding Spindles

KENTURN is a leading CNC internal grinding spindle manufacturer who has concentrated on continuous improvement in products quality.

Internal grinding spindle is a type of tool for machining operations which makes use of a grinding wheel in order to grind an internal surface of an object. This spindle can be used for grinding plain bearings, bushings, and threaded parts and has a specific configuration which provides exact grinding results. Using the internal grinding spindle can ensure that the internal features of the objects being machined are correct or have a certain finish, such as flatness, radius, or profile accuracy. The internal grinding spindle is usually used on lathe machines to perform internal grinding operations on a variety of materials. It is important to maintain the internal grinding spindle according to the manufacturer's specifications in order to achieve an optimal result. The spindle should be checked daily to ensure that the grinding wheel is in contact with the workpiece at the right position and speed. Furthermore, to ensure the optimal performance of your internal grinding spindle, it's essential to include regular replacement of the grinding wheel as a part of your maintenance routine. This proactive approach not only enhances the efficiency of the grinding process but also upholds the precision and accuracy of your spindle operation over time. By routinely replacing the grinding wheel, you maintain the consistent quality of your internal grinding tasks, safeguarding the long-term productivity and reliability of your equipment.