CNC Machining Center Spindles

KENTURN is a leading CNC machining center spindle manufacturer, established in 1983, makes efforts in research and development of products.

The machinery center spindle is a major component in a machining center. It is responsible for rotating the cutting tools in the machining center and also provides the necessary movements throughout the machining center. The spindle is composed of an inner rotating shaft connected to an outer housing. Inside the spindle are bearings that help to provide support and resist heat from friction during machining operations. The spindle is typically powered by a motor or a servo that moves the spindle to the desired speed for the specific cut being made.

The speed of the spindle controls the quality of the cut and helps to determine the overall quality of the finished product. The spindle speed is typically changed through the changeable of gears or different drive systems that are available. The important feature of the spindle is that it as a quickly exchangeable design to change tooling configurations in order to output a variety of products from the same machine. KENTURN is a professional CNC machining center spindle manufacturer built up by a group of expert engineers and management of products.