Spindle Taper:BBT30
Outer Diameter:120 mm
Max. Speed:24,000 rpm
Bearing size:Ø45、Ø40
Bearing Lubrication:Grease
Clamping pull-force:3 KN
Power:10 kW

Introducing our cutting-edge Built-in Motor Spindles, the perfect solution to enhance your machining capabilities. With a BBT30 Spindle Taper and an impressive Outer Diameter of 120 mm, these spindles are designed to deliver exceptional performance and precision in various machining applications.

One of the standout features of our Built-in Motor Spindles is their incredible maximum speed of 24,000 rpm. This high-speed capability enables swift and efficient material removal, allowing for faster cycle times and increased productivity. Whether you're working on delicate components or demanding tasks, these spindles provide the speed and accuracy required for superior results.

Equipped with Ø45 and Ø40 bearings, our Built-in Motor Spindles ensure smooth and reliable operation. These high-quality bearings are specifically designed to handle heavy loads and provide excellent rigidity, ensuring stability and precision during machining processes. With a grease lubrication system, the bearings are well-protected, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

With a clamping pull-force of 3 KN and a powerful 10 kW motor, our Built-in Motor Spindles offer exceptional cutting power and torque. This robust power output enables efficient and consistent cutting performance, allowing you to tackle even the most challenging materials with ease.

Upgrade your machining operations with our advanced Built-in Motor Spindles and experience unparalleled precision and productivity. With their high-speed capabilities, reliable bearings, and impressive power output, these spindles are the ideal choice for achieving outstanding machining results.

Invest in our Built-in Motor Spindles today and unlock the full potential of your machining processes. Trust in our expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional performance and take your manufacturing to new heights.