Direct Drive Spindles

With more than 40 years of Machining center direct drive spindle experience, KENTURN is the best direct driven spindle manufacturer supplying to the world.

The direct drive spindle is a motor mechanism commonly used in CNC machines. It is composed of a motor, usually an electric motor, and is connected directly to the spindle. The direct driven spindle directly transfers rotational motion from the motor and on to the spindle without the need for gears or other mechanical parts. Its greatest advantage compared to traditional spindle designs is its high efficiency, speed and accuracy. This makes direct drive spindles great for machines that require fast, precise and repeatable movements, such as CNC machines. Additionally, direct drive spindles often have a smaller size, too. This allows for more machines to be placed in compact areas, saving on space and increasing the production rate of a given area. Given these advantages, the direct drive spindle is becoming one of the most popular motor mechanisms used on CNC machines. Since its introduction, CNC users have seen a dramatic improvement in performance and reliability, as well as cost savings in maintenance and downtime. The direct driven spindle has proven to be accurate, efficient, reliable, and cost effective. It is widely used in CNC machine operations, and the trend shows a continued increase in usage in the future.