Spindle Taper:HSK-A63
Outer Diameter:190 mm
Max. Speed:20,000 rpm
Bearing size:Ø65 Ø55
Bearing Lubrication:Oil Air
Clamping pull-force:18 KN

Introducing our state-of-the-art Built-in Motor Spindles, revolutionizing the world of machining. With an HSK-A63 Spindle Taper and an impressive maximum speed of 20,000 rpm, these spindles are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and precision for a wide range of machining applications.

Featuring an outer diameter of 190 mm, our Built-in Motor Spindles offer enhanced rigidity and stability, ensuring consistent and accurate machining results. The Ø65 and Ø55 bearings incorporated in these spindles provide smooth and reliable operation, complemented by the advanced oil-air lubrication system. This lubrication method ensures optimal cooling and minimizes friction, prolonging the lifespan of the bearings and promoting high-speed machining capabilities.

Equipped with a robust clamping pull-force of 18 KN, our Built-in Motor Spindles provide secure and reliable tool clamping, enabling precise and intricate machining operations. Experience the confidence of working with a spindle that maintains stability and accuracy, allowing you to achieve exceptional surface finishes and tight tolerances with ease.

With a focus on power and efficiency, our Built-in Motor Spindles are equipped with a cutting-edge motor delivering the necessary force for demanding machining tasks. Whether you're working with metals, plastics, or composites, these spindles ensure efficient material removal and superior cutting performance.

Upgrade your machining capabilities with our Built-in Motor Spindles and unlock a new level of productivity and precision. Experience the seamless integration of advanced technology, high-quality components, and unparalleled performance in every machining operation. Trust in our commitment to innovation as we empower you to achieve remarkable results with our Built-in Motor Spindles.