Spindle Taper:BT50
Outer Diameter:190 mm
Max. Speed:8,000 rpm
Bearing size:Ø90
Bearing Lubrication:Grease
Clamping pull-force:18 KN


Introducing our highly efficient and reliable Belt Drive Spindles designed to enhance your machining operations. With a BT50 Spindle Taper, these spindles provide a secure and efficient connection, ensuring optimal power transmission and superior performance in your machining processes.

Featuring an outer diameter of 190 mm, our Belt Drive Spindles offer exceptional stability and durability to handle demanding machining tasks with ease. The robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to achieve precise and consistent results.

With a maximum speed of 8,000 rpm, our spindles provide excellent versatility, catering to a wide range of machining applications. Whether you need high-speed material removal or intricate detailing, our spindles deliver the speed and precision required to meet your specific needs.

Equipped with Ø90 bearings and a reliable grease lubrication system, our Belt Drive Spindles ensure smooth and reliable operation even during prolonged machining sessions. The high-quality bearings are designed to handle heavy loads and maintain precise alignment, minimizing vibrations and ensuring superior machining accuracy.

Featuring a clamping pull-force of 18 KN, our spindles provide a secure and stable grip on your cutting tools, reducing tool displacement and enabling precise and consistent machining performance.

Choose our Belt Drive Spindles to elevate your machining capabilities and achieve outstanding results. Whether you're in the automotive, aerospace, or general manufacturing industry, our spindles are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Experience enhanced efficiency and precision with our advanced Belt Drive Spindles.