Spindle Taper:BT30
Outer Diameter:105 mm
Max. Speed:12,000/15,000/24,000 rpm
Bearing Lubrication:Grease
Clamping pull-force:2.5 KN

Introducing our best-selling product, the Hot Sale Spindle Taper. This BT30 spindle taper is a powerhouse in the machining industry, delivering exceptional performance and versatility. With a compact outer diameter of 105 mm, it offers a perfect balance between size and strength, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Hot Sale Spindle Taper boasts an impressive maximum speed range of 12,000/15,000/24,000 rpm, allowing for high-speed machining operations with precision and efficiency. Whether you're working on intricate details or rapid material removal, this spindle taper can handle the task with ease.

With efficient bearing lubrication using grease, the Hot Sale Spindle Taper ensures smooth and reliable operation while minimizing friction and heat generation. This not only extends the tool life but also enhances overall performance. The clamping pull-force of 2.5 KN guarantees secure tool holding, providing stability and accuracy during machining processes.

The Hot Sale Spindle Taper has gained popularity among professionals in various industries, including automotive, electronics, and medical equipment manufacturing. Its exceptional speed, compact design, and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for both small-scale workshops and large-scale production facilities.

Upgrade your machining capabilities with the Hot Sale Spindle Taper and experience increased productivity, precision, and efficiency. Don't miss out on this hot-selling product that has been trusted by professionals worldwide.