Outer Diameter:120 mm
Max. Speed:80,000 rpm
Bearing Lubrication:Oil Air
Bearing size:Ø15
Power:1.8 kW
Voltage:200 V
Working position:Horizontal

Introducing our state-of-the-art Built-in Motor Spindles, designed to revolutionize your machining operations with unrivaled speed, precision, and power. With an outer diameter of 120 mm and an astonishing maximum speed of 80,000 rpm, our spindles offer unparalleled performance for a wide range of applications.

Equipped with an advanced oil-air lubrication system, our spindles ensure optimal cooling and lubrication, maximizing their durability and performance even under demanding operating conditions. The Ø15 bearing size guarantees exceptional stability and accuracy, delivering precise and reliable machining results.

Featuring a robust power output of 1.8 kW and a voltage of 200 V, our Built-in Motor Spindles provide the necessary strength and versatility to tackle various machining tasks. Whether it's milling, drilling, or grinding, our spindles deliver outstanding performance and efficiency.

Designed for horizontal working positions, our Built-in Motor Spindles are perfectly suited for a range of industrial applications. They are engineered to seamlessly integrate into your machining systems, providing seamless operation and exceptional reliability.

Experience the cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance of our Built-in Motor Spindles. With their compact design, high-speed capabilities, and advanced lubrication system, they offer a new level of precision, productivity, and efficiency to meet the demands of modern manufacturing. Trust in our expertise and innovation to drive your machining processes to new heights.