Spindle Taper:HSK-E50
Outer Diameter:150 mm
Max. Speed:12,000 rpm
Bearing Lubrication:Grease
Bearing size:Ø45 Ø50
Clamping pull-force:11 KN
Working position:Horizontal

Introducing our cutting-edge Built-in Motor Spindles, engineered to enhance your machining operations with exceptional precision, power, and reliability. With a Spindle Taper of HSK-E50 and an Outer Diameter of 150 mm, our spindles offer superior performance and versatility for a wide range of applications.

Operating at a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm, our Built-in Motor Spindles deliver exceptional rotational accuracy and efficiency. The Ø45 and Ø50 bearing sizes, coupled with a robust grease lubrication system, ensure stable and precise machining results even under demanding conditions.

With a clamping pull-force of 11 KN, our spindles provide secure and reliable tool clamping, ensuring optimal performance and safety during operation. This feature allows for seamless machining processes without compromising precision or stability.

Designed for horizontal working positions, our Built-in Motor Spindles integrate seamlessly into your machining systems, offering enhanced productivity and ease of use. Whether you're engaged in milling, drilling, or other machining operations, our spindles deliver outstanding performance and efficiency.

Experience the next level of machining excellence with our Built-in Motor Spindles. With their advanced features, including high-speed capabilities, superior bearing lubrication, and precise clamping force, they are the ideal choice for achieving superior machining results. Trust in our expertise and innovative technology to take your machining processes to new heights of performance and productivity.