Belt Drive-Vertical

KENTURN is a professional turning center vertical spindle and belt spindle manufacturer built up by a group of expert engineers and management of products.

A vertical spindle is a type of spindle used in metalworking to hold tools in order to perform cutting operations. In metalworking, different types of spindles are used for different operations. Vertical spindles are primarily used for milling and drilling, but they can also be used for other metalworking operations. The vertical spindle is designed to hold the cutting tool in a vertical orientation. The orientation of the vertical spindle allows for a greater degree of accuracy and a higher level of control when cutting metal. Compared to the belt spindle, which is a more cost-effective type of spindle, the vertical spindle provides greater precision and accuracy and can be used to cut more intricate patterns. Vertical spindles are commonly found in machine shops and industrial facilities that perform metalworking tasks. The vertical spindle is typically powered by an electric motor, but in some cases, it may also be powered by a hand crank or a belt spindle. The vertical spindle is designed to hold the cutting tool in a stationary position, allowing for greater accuracy and precision when cutting metal.