Spindle Nose:A2-6Outer Diameter:200 mmSpindle Bore Dia.:62 mmMax. Speed:4,000 rpmBearing Size:Ø100Bearing Lubrication:GreaseWorking Position:Vertical

Precision Engineering: Turning Center Spindles & Belt Drive-Vertical A2-6
KENTURN is your go-to destination for precision engineering, specializing in Turning Center Spindles and Belt Drive-Vertical A2-6 solutions. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to excellence, which is reflected in the quality and performance of our spindle and drive products. With a strong focus on innovation and precision, our Turning Center Spindles provide the foundation for exceptional machining, delivering unmatched accuracy and reliability in every operation. Simultaneously, our Belt Drive-Vertical A2-6 units offer seamless power transmission for a wide range of applications. Choose KENTURN for advanced solutions that take your machining processes to the next level.

Elevate Your Machining: Turning Center Spindles
When it comes to precision machining, KENTURN's Turning Center Spindles are the key to your success. Our spindle systems are meticulously designed to meet the demanding needs of modern manufacturing. With a history of innovation and reliability, we provide Turning Center Spindles and Belt Drive-Vertical A2-6 that ensure your operations achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Count on KENTURN for the performance and durability you need to elevate your machining to new heights.

Custom Solutions & Belt Drive-Vertical A2-6
At KENTURN, we not only excel in manufacturing Belt Drive-Vertical A2-6 units but also offer tailored OEM and ODM solutions to meet your unique requirements. We understand that every project has its distinct needs, and our commitment to excellence extends to providing customized products. Whether you require a bespoke Belt Drive-Vertical A2-6 system or a specialized OEM spindle solution, KENTURN is your partner for precision, reliability, and customized excellence. Choose us to drive your success in machining.